Bulk Production X-ray Inspection System


A full range of contaminants inspection for the product in bulk before packing.

Suitable for the contaminants inspection in production line for peanuts, grain, cereals, rubber granules, capsules, tablets, etc.

Features :

☆ 4 channels with 4 flap rejector, 32 channels air jet rejector or 64 channels air jet rejector , guarantee the minimum material waste

☆ Excellent sensitivity and stability, excellent product applicability

☆ Safe and reliable with FDA approval

☆ Good environment adaptability

☆ IP66 protection level, easy to wash

☆ Modular design enables quick parts replacement and easy maintenance



Model FA-XIS-4080D
X-ray Tube Max. 80KV, 210W
Inspection Width 400mm
Inspection Height 50mm
Best Inspection Sensitivity SUS Ball Dia 0.3mm SUS Wire Dia 0.2*2mm
Convryor Speed 10-70m/min
Cooling Methed Industrial Air Conditioner
Protection Mode Removable Protective Curtain
Rejector Four-Channel/Single-chanel Flap Rejector/32 channels air blasting rejector


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