Metal Detector for Bottled Products

Specially designed for bottled products by adding transitional plate, ensure smooth transportation between conveyors; Highest sensitivity for all types of products.


1. Detector head is made by hard filling technology with better stability.2. Intelligent learning automatically sets parameters with simple operation.

3. Higher interference proof by multi-filtering algorithm and X-R orthogonal decomposition algorithm.

4. Intelligent phase tracking technology enhances stability.

5. Anti-interference photoelectric isolation drive allows remote installation operation panel.

6. Further improvement in metal sensitivity and detecting stability by adaptable DDS and DSP technology.

7. Storage of 100 product programs by ferromagnetic random access memory.

8. Able to detect all kinds of metal, such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.



Aperture Width(mm) 150 200 250
Aperture Height(mm) 250 350 350
Effective Detecting Size (W*H)mm 120*200 170*300 220*300
Sensitivity without product


Fe 0.8 1.0 1.2
Non-Fe 1.2 1.5 1.8
SUS304 1.5 1.8 2.0
Size of PU Belt W*L (mm) 120*1500 170*1500 220*1500
Standard Rejection Mode Pusher Type Rejector
Max. Weight on Belt (kg) 5 5 5
Working Height (mm) 800±50 800±50 800±50
Power Supply AC 220V, 1Phase, 200W, 50/60Hz Adaptive



The metal sensitivity changes with different products being inspected and in different working condition.

Main Components: 

1. US ferromagnetic random access memory

2. Japanese Oriental motor

3. SUS 304 roller bearing

4. Food grade PU conveyor belt

5. Japanese SMC pneumatic components

6. Danish Danfoss frequency converter

7. Optional keypad and touch screen HMI.


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