Gallery™ Plus Beermaster Discrete Analyzer

Automate labour-intensive and time-consuming multiparameter wet chemical analysis in Beer and Wine analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus Beermaster Discrete Analyzer.


Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus Beermaster Discrete Analyzer offers flexibility and ease of use, with the ability to automate time consuming and labour-intensive wet chemical analysis.

When conducting multiparameter analysis for wine, malt, and beer the discreet analyzer technology ensures high product quality and throughput while reducing cost, waste, and hands-on sample time.

  • Alkalinity, Total Iron, Hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, Beer Color, Bitterness Unit (as Iso-Alpha-Acids), Free Amino Nitrogen, Total and free SO2, Iron, Low Alcohol, Ammonia, DP, Beta Glucan, Alpha Amylase, Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose, and many more.
Automated operation and reliable technology
  • Increased throughput with a sample capacity of up to 350 colorimetric tests/hour and approximately 8 bitterness tests/hour.
  • Integrated platform simultaneously automates colorimetric tests, including beta-glucan, SO2, and pH, from the same sample.
  • Continuous access to samples, reagents, and cuvettes without interruption of routine workflow.
  • All necessary analysis steps are automated, providing true walk-away time for the operator.
  • Dilutions and repeat analyses are handled automatically.
  • Minimal sample pretreatment required.
Robust capability
  • Automated processes allow beer bittering substances to be extracted from interfering compounds found in the sample matrix prior to photometric analysis at 275nm.
  • Instrument versatility: Sample disk for 6 racks, 9 or 18 sample racks, 60 blocks for automated bitterness sample pretreatment, and 6 racks for bitterness reagents are configured.
  • Wide concentration range measurement, with excellent reproducibility.
  • User-specific applications can be developed to meet individual testing needs.
  • Over 20 system applications for beer and wort analysis.
  • Sensitivity: Ability to detect very low levels (ppb) of analytes.
Compact design and economical
  • System reagents eliminate time-consuming reagent preparation, freeing operators for other tasks.
  • Unique low volume cuvette design for less reagent waster and potentially lower operation costs.
  • Contamination-free analysis is achieved using disposable cuvettes.
  • Self-contained benchtop for small footprint.
  • No need for an external source of water.
Versatile and user-friendly
  • Open system – modify existing method or create your own test.
  • Accommodates a variety of sample cups and primary tubes.
  • No risk of carry-over or requirement to wash glassware.
  • Sample identification is automated by a barcode reader.
  • Automatic startup and shutdown protocols.
  • Intuitive graphic user-interface0*/0*0


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